Monday, June 1, 2009

Raising UP the Standard

Cartoons are far from kid stuff. And as the box office would prove, there's apparently no end to what the x-celluloid (now complex computer-generated) characters can do. Disney still reigns as the original pioneer (in my humble opinion,) but Pixar has planted life in its productions. Their most recent offering, UP, is no exception.

The artist in me would love to talk about the technology behind UP's beautiful imagery, cleverly rendered cast members, realistic depth of field (that makes you almost believe the environment is real,) and vibrant portrayal on screen... but there's a greater subject to consider; that of "story." Ah yes, that long forgotten concept of plot, dialogue, and connection with the audience. Pixar's technology and creativity is unparalleled, but they have exercised their knowledge and grasp of the human condition to tell a tale that would make the hardest heart shed a tear (and all of this over a cartoon!)

I won't ruin it for those wanting to see the animated marvel, but the Pixar team under the supervision of Director/Screenwriter Pete Doctor (who also worked on A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, and Monster's Inc.) has taken emotion, story, cinematography, technology, business sense, and innovation, and blended the ingredients into a cocktail that, while it may not be Gone With the Wind, will have an intoxicating impact on the film industry and the individuals who sit in the theater being bathed by the brilliance that is UP. It's an optimistic tale that doesn't skip over the pains we experience in real-life, and that's what makes Pixar's approach worth the time to see their films. Silly as it may seem, somehow a cartoon has left this grown man feeling very UP.

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