Thursday, January 29, 2009

Size Matters

Just a quick note about grabbing a Rolling Stone magazine at the newsstand the other day. I've never been a subscriber, nor have I been a frequent peruser of the rock-and-roll rag... but whenever I would see it on the rack, I would be drawn to the strong brand, compelling imagery, and skillful design that always graced the publication's cover. But more than that -- I think the size caught my eye. Rolling stone was big. "Was." The former layout would dwarf the other less outrageous offerings around it by sheer dimension -- but I noticed that this most recent issue had shrunk. Who knows, it may have shrunk months or years ago and in my oblivion, I just never noticed... but now it is small. Or, at the very least, it is the same boring dimension as the offerings all about it. The magazine being big made sense. It covers big personalities. Big entertainment. It demanded big attention. I think the change is a big mistake. -- JA

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