Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure.

ADG's annual holiday hoopla, Gumbo & Mistletoe (www.gumboandmistletoe.com) was a huge success thanks to the many friends, clients, family members, and creatives that attended. The event boasts a ton of really cool things, but among them is the coolest crawdaddy cake you ever laid eyes on. Baltimore's only Charm City Cakes, made famous by the hugely popular Food Network, provided a delectable confection for the event that satiated the appetite and satisfied the eyes. Lorrie Holihan, ADG's Agency Manager, is shown with Charm City's owner Duff Goldmann and the original cake concept provided by ADG is shown below. The event's complete press release follows as well. Bon apetito!

(PRLEAP.COM) ADG Creative, a Columbia, Md. strategic communications, marketing, design and interactive media firm, is ringing in the holidays with Cajun music, a hot pot of gumbo and a truckload of toys for the children of New Orleans. The price of admission at the company’s annual “Gumbo & Mistletoe” party is a wrapped toy to be shipped to the Ninth Ward in time for Christmas Eve. ADG is one of a growing number of companies who prefer to focus their holiday parties on charitable giving. “We are not a typical office and this is not a typical office party,” notes Jeff Antkowiak, ADG’s Chief Creative Officer. “We view this event as a celebration of family and friends, and its only natural that we would want to share our good fortune with such deserving kids. Last year, we collected nearly 300 toys to send to the Ninth Ward. It helps us to remember the true meaning of the holidays.”

The first Gumbo & Mistletoe party started on a whim more than 10 years ago. Dreading the thought of yet another potluck affair, ADG’s staff decided to pool together ingredients for a steaming spicy pot of gumbo. Today the tradition continues, with each invitation containing a secret code that reveals the ingredient the recipient must bring. “As everyone shows up the gumbo evolves,” explains Antkowiak. “So every guest is necessary for the evening to be a

Music by the Crawdaddies and a Charm City Cake by celebrity chef Duff Goldman will round out the evening of Cajun holiday cheer for the more than 350 guests.

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