Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Corporate Citizenship

There's the sappy... and then there's the sincere. And of course, there are the sincere who are also kinda' sappy. I think that we're the latter. ADG is an organization of people that count their blessings quite frequently. So to that end, we're formalizing our practice of giving back to the community at large. This year, ADG will be considering worthwhile causes and adding our corporate partnership and support to assist them in their mission.

It's our distinct pleasure to identify the first of these partnerships for '08; Adventures For the Cure, as they Race Across America in search of a cure for Diabetes -- a disease that effects over 20.8 million children and adults in the United States alone. Visit Adventures directly at www.adventuresforthecure.com for additional information, and we hope that you'll consider supporting them as well.

Oh yea! And make sure to see Adventure's really cool trailer above!

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Lorrie said...

For anyone interested Nate's friends, Adam and Pat (aka Nate's Brother) will be in the office on Feb 7th at 4:00 to give us more info on the race and the cause. Join us if you are interested.