Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Mobile Agency

ADG's talents are "hangin' around" everywhere. Following ADG's annual "Hey! Get back to work!" breakfast, the office Queen Bees (Karen, Lorrie, and Julie) buzzed around judging mobiles created by, well... Creatives. Pictures of the wiry masterpieces are featured below, as well as photos of some of the Creatives in miniature. The firm's staff kicked back and shared a few "did you know" facts about themselves and some kid-pics, showing off their baby fat and toothless smiles. Speaking for myself, the only thing that's changed is now I have teeth. So who's who? You'll just have to take a guess. Enjoy!

Mobile Creativity

Immature Creatives

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Lorrie said...

Being a Blog Newbie -- it will be fun just to find out what this is all about and see what the "Creatives" have to say.